My oldest son had a hard time sleeping a few nights back. He kept waking up but he was still asleep and it seemed like he was in an intense dream. He was crying. I woke up several times praying for Him. In the morning I was exhausted. I came to sit with the Father God and He started reminding me. “Melissa I am your shepherd.” I started asking  questions like, what does a shepherd do? Well, a shepherds role is to care, feed, teach, and protect the sheep. The sheep’s role is to listen to the shepherd, and let Him care for him. So I asked Jesus how do you want me to know you today as my shepherd?

He said, ” I want to restore you and all that was lost in rest.” I felt as though He was not just speaking about that night but how tired I had felt from not getting the rest I needed over a period of time. I also was concerned for my son. I want him to be safe at night and know His shepherd. In that moment in my spirit mind,  I saw Jesus blow the breath of God over me. I also heard Him say, ” I give you the day, vitality, breath, let my water wash over you, just come to the table and we will share a meal in the presence of your enemies.” Did you know the word Shepherd in Psalm 23, and John 10 is the same meaning as the word pastor? I have had many good pastors and not so great pastors. However, Jesus is the perfect one. When I imagine what a pastors job is it is not much different than a shepherd. John 10:13 says this , “the hired hand runs away because he’s only working for the money and doesn’t really care about the sheep.” Jesus is such a good pastor and shepherd that its not about what He gets from us or from his role as a shepherd. He is so rooted in the love of the Father that He has passion and compassion unified and loves tending to us. He loves watching us play, grow, and is ready to share a meal with us when the enemy is right there  (Psalm 23).  I love Isaiah 40:11, ” He will feed his flock like a shepherd. He will carry his lambs in his arms, hodling them close to his heart. He will gently lead the Mother Sheep with their young.”I felt as though the Shepherd Jesus was reminding me His true passion to run after me and my son. That He’s got us and is tending to our needs. I know that He is also ready to tend to your needs.

 So right now let that truth wash over you today, that Jesus, the good and perfect shepherd is coming after us today. He is tending to our every need. He is ready to refresh us and wash over us. Below I have linked a song and sermon that really help me rest in the love of God.


Stop for the One

“..Yes indeed, it is good when you obey the royal law as found in the Scriptures; “love your neighbor as yourself.” But if you favor some people over others, you are committing a sin. You are guilty of breaking the law” James 2:1-8

I was reading the book of James today and these verses stood out to me. I would have never thought I favor certain people over others but indeed I do. When I feel safe with certain people, or look up to those who seem like they are following Jesus well, I can tend to favor them above others. I can get comfortable with those I know and not stop for the one in the crowd that might get passed by. I want to remember to stop for the one that I might not know, but needs a friend, needs a smile, needs a reminder that they are special and seen. This is my heart Lord, give me your eyes today to see as you see and love as you do!


Pete’s Dragon

“Jump! I will catch you everytime”

Do you have dreams that keep running after you? They seem to big to accompolish and even too hard or too much work. Or will they be worth it and worth my time. This is what God spoke to me about this. “Melissa wait until you see what I have for you. The little you is in the Big Me and I can do anything if you’ll let me use you.” My biggest dream is to learn how to connect with God’s presence all day long and then I want to teach others how to do that too. Speaking of connecting with Him, we are remodeling our house right now. This has been a dream of ours ever since we got married. Throughout this process of picking out tile, flooring, cabinets, windows… I have been leaning into Jesus for insights about life. Isaiah 61 has always been instrumental in my life and my family. We have huge oak trees right outside our house. Isaiah says that we are like oak trees of righteousness meant to display His glory. When my son Elijah was born v4 really impacted me that he would be a rebuilder of ancient ruins etc.. When we started this remodeling process I started praying this over our home again. I wrote Isaiah 61:4 on the ground in our kitchen asking God to rebuild ancient ruins through our home and our family. I have realized that the small things in remodeling are just as important as the big things. From far away you don’t always see the little details of a house. When you come up close you see the door knob and the windows and the hardware on the cabinets etc. These things don’t effect the foundation of the house but they do impact your enjoyment of the house. They also create an atmosphere, whether your house feels warm and cozy or rustic and mountain-like.  While our house is being worked on our family has been living in a single room. There are 5 of us in 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and our kitchen is made up of a microwave, toaster and coffee-pot. Although we have everything we need, the tight living quarters have pulled on my heart at moments. The mean mom and ugly wife has come out. When this happened last week, I broke down one night and ran to Jesus. I don’t like acting this way, its not who I really am but this small stuff and tight living quarters has gotten to me. Lets not begin to talk about the heat. All of that brought me to my knees and as I have allowed God access to my heart I am receiving love again and realizing what is truly important to me. His presence and relationship with Him and others. These verses have really ministered to me this week. 1 Timothy 6:11-16, 2 Timothy 2:22-26, and Isaiah 61:4. To focus on righteousness and salvation and pursuit of peace and joy. There have been a few songs that have encouraged me too “In the eye of the storm” , “Something Wild” off the Pete’s dragon soundtrack and Rivers and Robots “Home”. Speaking of Pete’s dragon, there is a scene from that movie where Pete runs off the edge of the cliff knowing that Elliot his dragon will catch him. He just free falls. The other day I was praying about some decisions my husband and I will be making shortly and it feels like we are free falling. I saw this scene in my mind and I asked the Lord with tears running down my cheeks. Lord will you catch us if we jump. I heard Him say, “every time, every time”