Trust is a Must

Trust me

Trust me when its easy

Trust me when its hard

Trust me when you don’t see me

Trust me in others around you

Trust me when others are failing you and confusion seems thick

Trust me when the accuser tries to say things about you that aren’t true

Keep your eyes on me

I will hold your hand through all of this

Trust me when the only one that knows your truest identity is me (Jesus)

and others aren’t ready to trust you yet

I will shine in you and those around you as you allow fear to go

I will let you know the answer

Remember this you are valuable

Those around you are too

walk in love even though it takes work

lean in instead of out

don’t quit or get discouraged

Trust is a must



New Creation


I am a New Creation

I am not just walking around with skin on

I can see the promise land

I can see life with color

The impossible is possible


A heart that beats

I’m not a robot going through motions

The king loves me and I love the King






Butterfly, do what you were created for

Do it Alive

Fully Awake

Do not go back to the cocoon

Alive is Good

Open Spaces

Fear , Disapointment , Fade

I’m Alive

I’m Alive

I’m Alive


Everything Comes from being with you

I’ll remain

Be with

I’ll stay

To be with you