The Joy of the Lord is your strength. I remember a few years back hearing those words and telling myself that. But I couldn’t find joy. Recently I have found so much joy and it comes in the little things. I heard someone once say, “collect joy”. Collect joy like you would starbucks ;-). Collect joy like you would leaves. The geese flying  by in the sky this time a year, the giggles of my kids, the hot cup of tea, the word of God, music, dressing in costumes :-). My husband was out of town for the weekend and I had the privilege of single “momming” it. I let God lead us through our day. We had so much fun being on an adventure. We went to explore the American River, and tried a new coffee place, and I tried out “hand lettering” , and we went to the park and pizza. It might sound exhausting with 3 littles but we had so much fun I could’ve kept going! Joy is not in doing , but I believe it is the spirit of adventure that brings joy to life in us. Today embrace the adventure God has for you even if it is doing dishes, or working on a computer. Look for Him like a treasure. He is everywhere ready to help us find joy ! image2.jpgimage



Orphan No More

The past is gone
The Present and the Future all are yours . You are of Christ and Christ is of God 1 Cor 3:22