Watch, Listen and Follow

imageJesus got up early to pray, it says in the Bible how many times? I have only found one verse that is in Mark 1:35 that says “In the early morning while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, went away to a secluded place and was praying there.” Now I am not here to argue whether it’s better to wake up early and spend time with Jesus first thing or not. I just want to go after something that I feel the spirit showing me. Who has ever felt less than or unworthy because they for some reason just couldn’t wake up in the morning to be with Jesus? Perhaps you feel less holy if you don’t wake up early. I love the morning. I would say I am naturally a morning bird. However, after becoming a mom, I was up at many different hours of the night for a season or two or three. I had to learn to listen, look for and follow God in every moment to receive love from Him in different ways. Lately I have been on a more normal sleeping schedule. This last year I have gotten to up early to run and spend time with Jesus. This has been amazing. I love those moments with Him. The mornings I wake up it seems easier to connect with God throughout my day. The last month of the year, our schedule changed a bit as the weather got colder and we became busier with holiday fun. I found myself having a harder time waking up and with that came a disappointment. I felt more disconnected from Him and missed those times in the morning. I also started noticing I was going back to old patterns of feeling unworthy and even like I needed to earn His attention. Not only did I miss Him I was starting to feel unholy. I was quickly reminded of the previous seasons I had when I couldn’t wake up early, but God still met me. Then I realized God was meeting me just not on my morning run that I wasn’t taking. I began to meet Him again while doing dishes, afternoon runs, naps on the couch , reading the word to my kids as they fell asleep and encounters with others at the grocery store. What is the point? One morning as I lay in bed I heard His whisper, “Melissa, your spot in heaven is secure whether you wake up early or not”. Haha yes that made me laugh too, of course it is,  but oh do I start thinking I can earn righteousness by what I do at times instead of realizing that I am righteous just because that is who I am because of Jesus. There will be times we need to sleep in, or catch up on sleep. Remember, Jesus is right there, right in the now holding our face in His. He is waiting to share His heart with us at any moment in our day. Some mornings we need to wake early, but other times He will get us away with Him at unusaul times and places. The key is to watch, listen, and follow His spirit.

Maybe your new year resolution is just that, re-focus on coming to Him daily in the moments He shows and the whispers He breathes.

Song of Songs says it just right 4:16-5:1

“Then may your awakening breath blow upon my life until I am fully yours. Breathe upon me with your Spirit wind. Stir up the sweet spice of your life within me. Spare nothing as you make me your fruitful garden. Hold nothing back until I release your fragrance. Come walk with me as you walked with Adam in your paradise garden. Come taste the fruits of your life in me. I have come to you, my darling bride, for you are my paradise garden! Come walk with me until I am fully yours. Come taste the fruits of your life in me.”

Thought For Your Day: It’s not too late! Close your eyes and imagine yourself looking up at the clouds with Jesus. Say to Him breathe upone me with your Spirit wind. What would you want to ask Him? What is He saying to you?

We welcome this New Year God with new ways of thinking as we re-focus our eyes on the new ways your speaking to us!






The Joy of the Lord is your strength. I remember a few years back hearing those words and telling myself that. But I couldn’t find joy. Recently I have found so much joy and it comes in the little things. I heard someone once say, “collect joy”. Collect joy like you would starbucks ;-). Collect joy like you would leaves. The geese flying  by in the sky this time a year, the giggles of my kids, the hot cup of tea, the word of God, music, dressing in costumes :-). My husband was out of town for the weekend and I had the privilege of single “momming” it. I let God lead us through our day. We had so much fun being on an adventure. We went to explore the American River, and tried a new coffee place, and I tried out “hand lettering” , and we went to the park and pizza. It might sound exhausting with 3 littles but we had so much fun I could’ve kept going! Joy is not in doing , but I believe it is the spirit of adventure that brings joy to life in us. Today embrace the adventure God has for you even if it is doing dishes, or working on a computer. Look for Him like a treasure. He is everywhere ready to help us find joy ! image2.jpgimage


Orphan No More

The past is gone
The Present and the Future all are yours . You are of Christ and Christ is of God 1 Cor 3:22